Master of Professional Studies in Management and Organizational Leadership

Information on the Penn State Smeal College of Business Master of Professional Studies in Management and Organizational Leadership Program.

The resident Master of Professional Studies in Management and Organizational Leadership Program (MMOL) from the Penn State Smeal College of Business is designed for recently graduated baccalaureate students from non-business disciplines such as engineering and science. The program—part of an emerging trend of career-acceleration degrees that are becoming very popular with prospective employers—provides the essential business skills to compete for accelerated management and leadership roles within top organizations.

The college will begin accepting applications this summer for fall 2017 enrollment. To stay up-to-date on program details, prospective applicants should fill out our online interest form.

Program Description

The MMOL Program is adapted from the first year of the two-year residential Penn State Smeal MBA Program. The 32-credit MMOL curriculum will offer a strong foundation in the basics of business, with coursework in areas such as accounting, finance, management, marketing, and supply chain management. Taught by top faculty in a dynamic and collaborative learning environment, students will learn, grow, and excel in partnership with other driven students.

Our dedicated Career Services team and Smeal's unparalleled alumni base of more than 75,000 around the world will ensure you have the network and resources you need to tap into countless job opportunities.

Beyond fundamentals and well-honed business acumen, MMOL students will also be prepared to lead with integrity and character, emerging with the skills to communicate effectively and establish critical partnerships.

Typical MMOL Student Backgrounds
It is expected that Smeal MMOL students will have strong quantitative skills and other qualities typically cultivated in STEM-related disciplines. Students are likely to come from a variety of undergraduate major backgrounds including but not limited to engineering, including mechanical, civil, architectural, computer, and electrical; mathematics and statistics; the sciences, including agricultural, computer and information, earth and mineral, life, and physical; security and risk analysis; and many other disciplines.

Key Features

Your undergraduate education provided the technical skills required for your discipline. The MMOL Program adds a business dimension to these capabilities, enhancing your marketability and mobility in a highly competitive job market

  • Solid Business, Management, and Leadership Foundation: The MMOL program is derived from the Smeal MBA program and provides the solid business foundation needed for career acceleration and success. As with the MBA program, leadership is an overarching theme in the MMOL program.
  • Leadership Immersion: The Leadership Immersion experience gives students the opportunity to gain hands-on exposure to unique team-building challenges outside the familiar classroom setting. The immersion experience is meant to expose students to scenarios that stretch their critical-thinking and communication skills, teach them what it means to work as a team, and also how to lead in times of stress.
  • Communications Program: Students in the MMOL will experience the hallmark communications program of the Penn State Smeal MBA program. The year-long course provides students with the tools to clearly, forcefully, and professionally represent themselves and their ideas in a business context.
  • Team-Based Experience: Via a combination of lecture and case-based instruction, MMOL students will have the opportunity to do much of their coursework in small teams, often simulating how project work gets accomplished in a business setting. Students will learn how to apply principles of teamwork and conflict resolution skills to successfully complete cross functional projects.
  • Access and Support: As the MMOL program is highly selective, a small class size guarantees one on one faculty interaction and individual attention. In addition, MMOL students not only have access to Penn State resources, but will have Smeal-specific resources at their disposal, including career fairs, employer information sessions, and Smeal Alumni Career Services.
  • Ethics-Based Learning: Smeal’s strong commitment to honor and integrity, as demonstrated through the college honor code, is woven through the MMOL curriculum. Students will learn to approach business problems through an ethical lens and have the opportunity to practice ethical decision-making in a business classroom setting.

“STEM-related professionals at every level need to understand the basics of business and financial analysis in addition to their technical backgrounds. They need to be able to build effective cross-disciplinary teams and excel at management and leadership. If you want a seat at the table, you need to bring leadership, business, and strong interpersonal and communications skills.”
- Senior Fellow, Lockheed Martin