For Admitted Students

Information for incoming and current students in the Master of Professional Studies in Management and Organizational Leadership (MOL) Program.

Welcome to the Penn State MOL Program!

2017 Incoming Student Checklist

  • Find a place to live. (As soon as you enroll)
    • Housing Information - This should be the first thing you do. Housing can be very difficult to find as the school year approaches. It is imperative that you find housing quickly.
    • Social Media - The place to get in touch with other incoming students and find a roommate or get other information on the best place for you to live.

  • Submit your FAFSA (US Students Only). (As soon as you enroll)
    • Submit your FAFSA application for Federal Student Aid. Do this whether or not you intend to secure a loan, as it is required for any scholarships or payments in the Penn State system.

  • Apply for your I-20 (International Students Only). (As soon as you enroll)
    • Once you have enrolled, the Office of Global Programs will be in contact with you about completing your Visa Application, providing copies of financial statements and an Affidavit of Support (if applicable). Eventually, the Office of Global Programs will issue you an I-20, which you will need to acquire your visa. If you have any questions, you can email the Office of Global Programs at .
    • International Student Information - View important information that pertains specifically to international students.

  • Check your Monday Messages. (May - August)
  • Review the MOL Career Guide and develop your MOL resume and Personal Career Strategy. (May/June)
    • Provided by our Career Services team, these documents will help guide you through building a proper resume and developing your own personal career strategy.

  • Complete your Enrollment Information Survey and send in your photo. (May)
    • Early in summer, we will ask you to submit a photo and complete an enrollment information survey.  This will come in one of our Monday Messages.

  • Complete the Activity Guide in LionPath. (May/June)
    • Make sure you log on to LionPath, go to the Student Center, and complete the Activity Guide in the "To Do's" section of your profile.  This will allow us to schedule your courses.  If you do not see your Activity Guide in LionPath by mid-June, please contact Student Services.

  • Purchase your laptop. (June)
    • Students entering the MOL Program are required to have their own laptop for coursework. Students must have their laptop in-hand by the first day of Orientation.  Please review our section on Laptop Specifications as well as our IT Handout for more details regarding your laptop and the requirements it needs to meet for our program. Please note that this information was written for the Penn State Smeal MBA Program's 2016 Orientation, so may be subject to change.
  • Purchase football tickets. (June)
    • Registration for graduate students is typically held in June of each year. It is advised that you attempt to register early in the offering, as tickets have been known to sell out quickly.  We will provide you with information on how to purchase tickets in a Monday Message in May.
    • For more information, view the Penn State Athletics Student Central page.

  • Estimate your expenses and learn about billing. (July)
  • Review and understand health insurance and immunization requirements. (July)
  • Purchase your textbooks. (July - August)
    • Course Materials - During the summer, you can enter your course information into the Penn State Bookstore's website for the most up-to-date list of textbooks. Keep in mind that faculty members can order textbooks for their courses throughout the summer, so be sure to check back over the summer months for the most updated information. Upon your arrival on campus, you can visit the Penn State Bookstore for a comprehensive list of textbooks and course materials required. You can swipe your Penn State ID+ card at the Bookstore to get a list of your required materials.

  • Prepare for Orientation. (Orientation is MANDATORY)
    • Orientation activities are mandatory. The MOL Orientation will run from 5:00 pm on Wednesday, August 15, until Friday, August 18.  Please see the full Orientation schedule here.
    • Any new, incoming international students will also need to attend the Graduate International Student Orientation, which begins August 7.
  • Register your vehicle. (August)
    • Registration is held online through the Transportation website. The registration dates for Fall 2017 have not been set yet.  Please refer to their website periodically for further information.
  • Fall 2017 Course Registration (August)
    • Course and Registration Information - The MOL Office will register you for your Fall 2017 classes in mid July.  Fall 2017 tuition bills will then be prepared at the beginning of August and will be due towards the end of August. Student aid is typically distributed at the end of July and reflected on your bill.  Please be sure to check your student profile in LionPath in early August to ensure that your tuition bill has been properly generated and that there are no items left for you to complete.  Further details can be found on the Bursar’s website.
  • And, finally, please check back often, as this list will continually be updated.