An overview of the faculty who teach in the Penn State Smeal Master's in Management and Organizational Leadership Program

The Penn State Smeal Master's in Management and Organizational Leadership enables students to work closely with distinguished professors who couple world-renowned research expertise with practical knowledge and experience. These award-winning teachers, researchers, consultants, and authors specialize in bringing complex business concepts to life.

MOL Faculty

Saurabh Bansal, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Supply Chain Management

Keith Crocker, Ph.D.
The William Elliott Chaired Professor of Insurance and Risk Management

Jennifer Eury, Ph.D.
Assistant Clinical Professor of Management and Organization

Lou Gattis, Ph.D.
Clinical Professor of Finance

Dennis Gioia, DBA
Robert & Judith Auritt Klein Professor of Management

Dan Givoly, Ph.D.
Ernst & Young Professor of Accounting

Andy Gustafson, Ph.D.
Senior Lecturer

Stephen Humphrey, Ph.D.
Alvin H. Clemens Professor of Management

Jeffrey Krug, Ph.D.
Assistant Teaching Professor

Tony Kwasnica, Ph.D.
Professor of Risk Management

John Liechty, Ph.D.
Professor of Marketing

Nancy Mahon, Ph.D.
Associate Clinical Professor

Andrew Petersen, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Marketing

Sajay Samuel, Ph.D.
Clinical Professor of Management Accounting

Chloe Tergiman, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor